Welcome to the new era of mortgage broking

We live in a world that is complicated and complex. 

This complex environment proves the point of having systems that are well honed by efficiency. 

Effi is on a mission. They want to fix real problems you face on a daily basis and make the home loan process feel entirely worth it, for everyone involved.

Since their full launch in 2021, the Effi team has been building relentlessly to create the most robust lead management platform ever put before you. 

A smart and intuitive platform

Effi’s priorities are clear. They want to make the home loan process feel simple and they want to deliver fast. 

You’ll be able to use the platform for a lot of things. These include: automating messages and email outputs, collecting fact-find and bank statements, scheduling appointments, tracking your sales performance…and more! 

Built with consumers in mind

The platform has a clean and sleek design that speaks to its ease of use. It offers a two-way portal view to allow communication and information exchange between you and your clients in the MOST secure manner. 

Lead distribution ready to deploy

Effi opens up a new market of potential borrowers eager to access finance. It also has an amazing capability to customise lead distribution, in whichever way you like. This makes the platform attractive not only to individual brokers but also to broker groups, large and small. 

One more thing!

Effi is always looking to sweeten the deal. They’re looking to reward you and your friend! 

Refer a broker to Effi and you both will receive $100 credit to your Effi accounts once the referred broker pays the first monthly or annual invoice by 31 December 2022. ($100 credit is applied after 30 days of the first invoice being paid).

Thinking of joining Effi? If you strike early before the end of this financial year, you will be able to deduct 120% of your Effi subscription. 

Your success is their success. If you haven’t joined Effi, now is the time to get in touch, and make sure the future belongs to your business. 

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