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Oct 30, 2018F&C Experience: Bowling in Perth 

Humans of Finance

Chris Albon - Humans of Finance

Chris Albon

It is hard to pinpoint exactly where my broker journey began, because as it is with any journey, there is something prior which sets you on that course. I worked in retail at the wonderful department store, …

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Kirsty Dunphey - Humans of Finance

Kirsty Dunphey

So the first thought that popped into my head when Dien asked me to post as a “Human of Finance” was… Me? Really?? The second thought was… it’s been a busy 6 weeks… I’m …

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Jeremy Harper - Humans of Finance

Jeremy Harper

Born and raised in the best city in the world – Melbourne. Graduated from La Trobe with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and only studied that course because my favorite high school teacher said ‘Harps, …

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Luciana Scofield - Humans of Finance

Luciana Scofield

I arrived into this world 7 weeks early in 1976 – this is where my impatience must have started. I had a normal upbringing. My weekends in primary school were spent doing extension homework thanks to my mum …

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