Is your website secure?

Cyber breaches are on the rise and costing businesses billions of dollars as more people work from home.

Employees working from home often have insecure servers creating opportunities for cybercrime to flourish.

More than half of malicious attacks are financially motivated, but organisations are spending more to fight off attacks.

Whilst the article Read more here relates more to employees and big businesses, the same can apply for Small Businesses, especially Broker.

The thing with small businesses is that they tend to try to do it on the cheap. With a Myriad of software (eg Wix) now availiable to allow a novice to put together a basic website with zero coding experiences, most new small businesses try to save some cash by doing the absolute minimum - they try to build it themselves.

During my daily routine, I spend alot time looking at other broker's profiles as well as their websites. It is not uncommon to come across broker sites that are either non-compliant (e.g not listing the Credit Rep Number) or simply not updated/refreshed since it was first made years ago. 

However, what concerns me more is the fact that some brokers, in the interest of efficiency ask for more than just contact details from prospective clients via their website, yet have chosen to invest little to NIL in making sure their website is secure. 

An example of a site i have come across recently in pictured below.

Take a look at the top left.

The image of a lock should be in place like this: 

But is instead, it is replaced with the words "Not Secure".  Is it easy to fix it? The answer is yes. All you require is an SSL Certificate. 

SSL means ,Secure Sockets Layer, It is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. Without SSL certificate encryption of data put into your websites, can not securely travel from their browser to your web server. In plain speak, your site visitors and customers are at higher risk of being having their data stolen. Chance of theft of datas are there.

SSL is mandatory nowadays because some browsers like chrome warn

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