Humans of Finance: Paul Wright's Story

This episode dives into the world of finance with Paul Wright, a keen sportsperson who turned his drive and passion into a business that has settled a billion-dollars worth of loans for his customers.

Hear Paul's story of how a broken arm at 20 forced him to trade sports for the competitive world of finance. We'll explore his early hustle as a mobile lender, putting in long hours to build his client base.

Paul will share his insights on building a successful team, emphasizing that "a champion team will always beat a team of champions." He'll also discuss the challenges he faced as an introvert breaking into the industry and how he found success by stepping outside his comfort zone and building genuine relationships.

Later, we'll learn why Paul, despite his success, decided to sell his thriving business and transition into coaching. He'll explain the importance of letting go at the right time and explore the challenges most brokers face as accidental business owners.

For those looking to enter the financial world, Paul offers valuable advice on buying a brokerage or loan book.

This episode is packed with inspiration and practical tips for anyone looking to take their career in finance to the next level.

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