Humans of Finance: Chris Maamoun's Story

A few of you will know Chris from However, I doubt many will know his unconventional vocational path.

Chris's story starts with a desire to go skiing and pass his Uni course. After a brainstorming season at a pub and some working capital via a student loan - along with a friend, they start a catering company to fund their ski trip by selling food at music festivals. Working the small music festival scene as they were new wasn't easy. But it was fun. Then one year, a hurricane almost washes away their hopes and dreams. However, their positive attitude with the organisers of the festival lands them an even bigger gig at a major festival - Glastonbury - where they end up serving 15,000 people in a day!
After tiring of the festival life, Chris goes to work work in finance with his uncle for a while. Then the travel bug bites again, and he embarks on adventures in Bali and Australia. He even finds himself working on luxury bamboo buildings in Bali.
Covid brings Chis to Australia and he finds himself making over 60 cold calls a day just to get into front of mind with brokers for a newish Private Funder called
If you look at F&C and search for half completed properties, you will find many answers that suggest you give a call. The episode then dives into the current state of property development funding, highlighting the challenges faced by smaller developers and the increasing demand for private funding. Chris also talks about how life events can impact people's finances, even those with good credit scores.
Tune in for an inspiring story and insights into the world of property development funding.
Grab a cuppa and have a listen here:

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