Earlypay launches Australia’s first industry-backed ‘Business Finance and Lending Scholarship Program’ for finance professionals

Australia’s leading business finance provider, Earlypay, has launched the country’s first tailored Business Finance and Lending Training and Development Scholarship Program for finance professionals. The scholarship program involves an intensive 11 week business finance and lending course that will be delivered online three times per year. The flexibility of the course structure allows professionals to continue their full-time role while undertaking this education opportunity. Earlypay will fund the participation of industry professionals in the course at a cost of $6,500 per head.

Developed in collaboration with leading financial training provider, Accendo Financial, the course has been built using the ELMO Learning Management system and consists of 13 modules designed to equip finance professionals with the knowledge to identify, structure, and implement game-changing finance solutions for Australian businesses.

“The Earlypay Scholarship Program is a game changer for our industry. Not only will it provide critical hands-on practical training and learning with the mentor support of highly experienced industry experts, it will also contribute to continuing professional development (CPD) with a number of key industry bodies,” Earlypay, National Partnerships Manager, Donelle Brooks said.

“Invoice Finance is one of the most untapped products in the market and actually accelerates the cash that a business has already earned. We want to support professionals who want to be part of the new breed of commercial finance specialists, which means understanding all types of business finance solutions.

“We are excited to be rolling out the course. Each module has been carefully developed to provide key learnings and skill development. They are interactive, include great case studies and also enable ongoing assessment of learner performance through activities, decision points and quizzes. It is an excellent course that meets the very unique finance and lending needs of the business sector. It’s a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to position themselves as an industry-leading commercial broker.”

According to Brooks, providing finance solutions to the business sector involves more than just lending money, it requires an in-depth understanding of a business’ financial situation, the assets available across the enterprise and the operating nature of the organisation.

“In working through these elements, an experienced and knowledgeable finance professional can then determine the cash flow requirements of the business and how these can be addressed,” Brooks said.

“Different types of finance solutions can be used depending on all of these factors.

“For example, businesses that are waiting for their customers to pay their invoices (whether it’s because they have long credit terms or their customers are just slow to pay) face a cash gap that can sig

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