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As a Mortgage broker and a small business owner, I understand that continuous lead generation is vital to sustaining and growing your Mortgage/Finance brokering business. Lead generation can be split into three big buckets (which we will explore in greater detail later) – but the last bucket ‘Online Lead Generation’ is one that has me on quest of education – to see how I can better understand this segment to leverage my business.

I have put together this article, to help other established and new mortgage brokers – when looking to expand their online lead generation efforts.

Using Lead Generation To Grow Your Business

As I mentioned earlier, lead generation can be allocated to three broad buckets and depending on your experience and personality, you may do well in generating leads in one, two or all three buckets.

Word Of Mouth

Generating new business from your current client base, by providing outstanding service and outcomes that turns your clients into advocates of your business. Once you have provided outstanding service, you have earnt the right to ask for referrals, details of family and friends that may benefit from your professional service.

Post settlement follow up and annual reviews, constant touch points with your database (birthdays, Christmas). Sending out newsletter emails, of relevant content. Staying front of mind with content on social media (written articles shared on Facebook and LinkedIn). Involving yourself in physical activities, such as donating time and resources to local schools, community groups and sporting organisations. Using your competitive advantage of being the ‘local broker’.

Referral Partners

Creating and maintaining strong referral partners, that will support your business. Cold calling, prospecting on LinkedIn – setting up introducing calls and coffees. Understanding what problem you can help solve with that referral partner and understand what they require in return. What does that potential business partner require from you? It is monetary reward? Educating their clients? Pre-qualifying prospects during the house inspection stage? Releasing equity to access for future investment purchases? Restructuring their finances into tax effective vehicles? Assisting

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