A random message to any fellow “quiet” brokers who may be feeling a bit deflated

As a “one woman band” broker in a lower demographic area where new enquiries are at the lowest level since opening my business, and the enquiries that do come are almost always struggling to service, mixed in with the everyday life juggle inclusive of the guilt that often comes with working while having young kids, doing my best to make sure they get the time they need from me whilst also trying to keep my business to a level that pays the bills and puts food on the table (yay to financially raising said children on my own due to some excellent life choices), lately I have found myself questioning if this career is still for me.

The flexibility in this role is amazing, no doubt about it. I set my own hours, I attend ALL of my kids school events (even the really sh!% ones that shouldn’t exist), I am able to assist with caring for my Nan and I can schedule work around the needs of my kids activities / appointments etc.
But lately the stress of the quiet times has kept me up countless nights, my brain goes into overdrive (totally overthinking) and one of the million thoughts running through my mind is questioning if I am “good enough” to keep doing this - which genuinely hurts my heart.
I know I provide excellent customer service and have a long history of very happy clients, but there are MANY other factors as we all know, and I definitely know that one of my weaknesses is speaking to third parties (agents, accountant’s etc) trying to form referral relationships. This is something I need to work on, and I will, but it makes me uncomfortable and I do not enjoy it AT ALL (bad past experience).
However; today I had a client contact me and provide an email chain of some figures a branch lender had provided them. The client wasn’t 100% comfortable with the banker and reached out. As I was reading down the email chain, I picked up on one line where the banker had mentioned a certain type of income that had been used and I instantly knew that the client had been provided with incorrect figures given part of the income used was against the banks policy.
To be very sure (2nd guessing myself), I contacted the banks credit team, they confirmed what I had thought, and so I proceeded to provide the client with amended figures and educated them on why the variance had occurred.
I found myself apologizing to the client for the fact that the outcome wasn’t as favorable as they had hoped (and initially been told)… however to my surprise, the client instantly responded to say “

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