The Hon. Stuart Robert MP chats to Damien about stuff brokers want to hear.

Damien Simonfi from Capital Bridging Finance has taken the short straw and is thrown into the deep end with his first interview by himself for the F&C audience.

What better way to kick off Damo's first interview on F&C than to chew the fat with a current Senior Government Cabinet Minister. Hon. Stuart Robert MP who is the Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business. They sat down yesterday (May 17th) in the Minister's office in QLD and discussed the following topics:

Interest Rates
Cost of Living
FHB using Super
Promoting Broker Industry
We think he did great! And we love the last question put to the minister: "What would a Liberal government do (should they win office this weekend) to promote and further the Finance Broker industry moving
Click on the Link / Picture below to hear the answer as well as the rest of the conversation in the closed group.

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