How to write awesome cold emails?

1. Clear introduction with social proof

There's no need for "Hope you're doing great" or "How's the weather over there"

Get to the point "My name is ____, I run [name of your company] and we help homebuyers like you to get the best mortgage deal to save them money and time"

2. Set up the context

It's helpful to understand the lens through which you're reaching out.

"I saw that you were searching for a suitable home loan option when time is of essence. A good place to start is at [name of your company]"

3. Explain what you bring to the table

"My team and I will help answer some questions you may have, compare loan offerings with your unique circumstance, zero in on a range of matches and ultimately help you make smart, detailed and informed decisions."

Add numbers, facts, and/or more social proof

"We have been in the industry for over 5 years and have over ____customers who love and enjoy our service. Check out some our clients' success stories here"

[Insert screenshot testimonials]" 

4. Go in for the ask

Don't waste anyone's time. 

"The best mortgage is the one that fits your needs. Trust our team of professionals who act in your best interest and give you the peace of mind with your loan application"

5. Finish with a CTA

You want to get a "yes" or "no" or "talk to this person" response.

"Whether it's your first home or second home, let's talk next steps with us. Give us a call at ____" 

"Let's be smart about your mortgage. Simply fill out this form and we will give you some pointers to pave your way" 

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