12 powerful lessons we've learned from one crazy year

Time sure does fly when we’re busy building our strong and engaged broker community. As we’re approaching the end of the year, we reckon it would be a good idea to sit down and reflect on what we learned, assess ourselves and the year that has passed. Without further ado, here are the important lessons we have learned from this crazy year (if you’re in need of some inspiration): 

1. Make times for things that matter

We have a finite amount of time on earth, yet we are determined to accomplish superhuman things with our time. Leisure opportunities are few and far between. We sacrifice sleep, fitness, family and personal time and never seem to escape the feeling that we should be doing more.

Remember, too, that life is not only about “hitting work goals” and everything else falls into the “rest of my day” bucket. Making time for your personal and social life will allow you to show up at work and deliver consistently without running out of steam (Touché?). 

2. Consider your opportunity costs

In order to move forward, say yes to what matters and say no to what doesn’t. Hypothetically, you can pay someone $30 an hour to do something and use that same hour to make $300. When you’re building and growing, always delegate and outsource early to optimise your time for the biggest ROI. Check out  Koruna Assist and Affordable Staff services.

3. Diversify income streams

This should be your #1 goal for 2022. Some brokers might think building multiple income streams is something to be frowned upon. But when you create structures that enable you to capture and compound value over the long term, you can operate from growth, not from the financial stress of a single income. Think: What else can I bring to the table? Check out F&C referral partners.

4. Invest in people before profit

Your business should be about humans first. Everything comes down to people. When you care about their needs, experiences and emotions before dollar signs, loyalty always follows and becomes your business’s greatest asset.

5. Venting needs boundaries

If you start to notice that the majority of the conversations you have are dwelling on negative energy, you need to draw mental lines. It could be holding you back from seeking solutions. Open the vent, then close it to switch into solutions mode. 

6. Go for more walks

Managing mental health is a big part of a broker's life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, go outside and think about it in the sun. Get on the move to organise your thoughts which tend to lump together in your brain. And find someone to talk to, don’t burn out in private. 

7. Protect your flow state 

Here’s what we know: people are not wired to work 9-5. When you establish fixed hours to work, people will find unproductive ways to fill it. Instead, you should optimise your day around fully engaged hours to do impactfu

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