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Jeremy Harper

Born and raised in the best city in the world – Melbourne. Graduated from La Trobe with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and only studied that course because my favorite high school teacher said ‘Harps, stick with the Accounting and numbers’. In fact a year into my degree, I deferred – not sure if Uni was for me and went full time at the pub, pulling beers. I quickly realised that I better finish that degree.

During my time at Uni I got a taste for working for myself, working the pub and set up a DJ hustle on the side. I purchased all my equipment (cash upfront) and would drive to events and DJ, I taught myself how to quote and invoice and market myself. I was making more in one night DJing vs a week at the pub. I also learnt the power of word of mouth referrals.

Graduated and worked in the city for a mid tier accounting firm, GFC had just hit and over half our grad group never actually started, my early days were scanning trust deeds into the system, but a great learning platform and loved every minute.

Went into industry as the Accountant for a retail group, loved it but monthly reporting to the same people every month, talking about the SAME issues – got stale. I loved the two screens, excel spreadsheets, but needed to cut my teeth on something a bit more.

Loving numbers and people, I started hfinance. I had zero credit experience, but knew how to read numbers. Massive learning curve, stressful and always a challenge, but rewarding. Built up a little team in Australia.

Moved to New York last year, wife had an opportunity with work to transfer and we thought it’s New York, why not?

I have set up an office that has views of 5th Ave, Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. Yes pinch myself every day.

Working with Aussie expats here on their mortgage needs. To also help build my network here, I met a business partner and we have started a networking group and have built to over 500 members in 6 months. This has been great for me and building my address book.

Has given me the opportunity to get exposure to local residential and commercial finance deals and Dien Le – love to share some of differences between the mortgage markets over 2018

Love travelling, so included some photos of around the US (North and South) and New York.

Miss family and friends back home (oh and the food, seriously Melbourne you do not know how blessed you are) – but also Tarzan my big Greyhound – look at that photo, that was the night of packing, those eyes say it all.

Got a photo with Sheedy (what a hero) – we actually crossed paths AS I was walking to the aisle on my wedding day (it was a sign)

Thanks for reading my story

Jeremy Harper - Humans of FinanceJeremy Harper - Humans of FinanceJeremy Harper - Humans of FinanceJeremy Harper - Humans of FinanceJeremy Harper - Humans of FinanceJeremy Harper - Humans of Finance