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I have 4 loves in this life which all start with F – Family, Friends, Food and Finance. If you know me or have me on FB you will know this is true.

Mom and Dad came over on the Boats after the Vietnam War, they fell madly in love in a Detention Centre and had me a few years later. Growing up we did not have much, but they always made sure we had enough. The inspiration in my life is my dad he has worked to support my mom, me and my sister for over 25-30 years working with hot machinery and still does at 58 earning $50,000. We never went hungry, we lived a normal life and we went to University. He is amazing.

So how did Hank the Bank become a Mortgage Broker?

I was 17 in my first year of Uni, a friend told me that he had a job for me and to go get a suit. (which I did from Lowes). I found myself 2 days later “old school cold calling” the white pages and reading from a script.

I went from a Cold Caller, to Admin, to loan processer earning $200 a week. 4 years later the GFC hit, I found myself applying for another job at Resi Home Loans, 3 months in 3 assessors quit and I was left alone in head office, looking after 30 franchisors at the age of 21. My self and @Paul da Silva rebuilt that team which is a milestone in my life.

After 4 years dealing with clients, processing loans and helping the 30 branches with their scenarios I was off to place where I was able to polish the Skills I had at Home Loan Experts for 7 years helping build a 3 man broker team into a top 25 brokerage in Australia. I am now 2.5 months new running my own office with a fantastic business partner, this itself is a eye opening experience.

Some of my proudest moments:

  • Bought dad 2 cars and sister a car & a investment for her
  • Became a builder and have done small developments and built many homes.
  • Paying for mom and dads health care insurance amd living bills (they never had it – 31% surcharge WTF)
  • I have fed them so much different food and so much Lobster!
  • Taken not just immediate family but cousins and aunt’s on Holidays with me, even the in-laws!
  • Winning the ABA Newcomer Award in 2012, achieving Rankings in this industry and been part of a firm that was highly recognised in our industry.
  • Proposing in France and marrying my wonderful wife who will sit next to me while I do a Applyonline applications.
  • Being in the Media – I am a Media Whore I love it
  • Having the skillset to help other brokers, I genuinely get a buzz out of it.
  • The amount of awesome food that I have eaten…omg the food…
  • Travelling the world

The Proudest things in my life have come from being a finance broker. It has allowed me to hit every goal I have set. If you feel like you are struggling reach out, if you can stay in this game it is worth it and it keeps me going everyday.

My Goal now is to build a strong reputable business, and in the future do more to give back to our industry.

If you got to this part, I thank you for taking the time to read my story.

One piece of Advice I would like to leave.
If your Goal is money you will never be happy. Its what the money allows you to do that will drive you everyday to achieve great things in life.

I have so many friendships from being in this industry and very thankful for the kind words. I love Functions 

Hankus the Bankus.

Hank Hong - Humans of FinanceHank Hong - Humans of FinanceHank Hong - Humans of Finance